Prof. Dr. Hasan Taşçı

I was appointed as a specialist in the General Surgery Department of Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicinein the year 1986. I became an Assistant Professor of Morphology in 1987 and an Assistant Professor of General Surgery in 1988. I was appointed to Professorship in General Surgery in 1996. I was in the kidney and liver transplantation team that has been in practice since the year 1986.

In the year 1992, I worked at the Derriford Hospital, Plymouth for three months in order to learn Laparoscopic Surgery. In the following years, I attended training on laparoscopic gastric surgery, laparoscopic colon surgery and advanced laparoscopy in the European Surgical Institute in Hamburg, Germany at different times. Further, I participated in two courses and obtained certification in laparoscopic hernia surgery and laparoscopic hepatobiliary surgery in Strasbourg, France and San Francisco, USA.

In the year 1992, I transitioned to part-time facultyand served atEsnaf Hospital, Memorial Hospital as the Head of General Surgery, Medipol Hospital, Türkiye Gazetesi Hospital and Bahçelievler Medicana Hospitalas the Physician in Charge of the Kidney Transplantation Center andGeneral Surgery Specialist. Currently, I work at Liv Hospital - Vadi Istanbul Hospital as the Physician in Charge of the Kidney Transplantation Center and in the General Surgery Department.