Kidney transplant patients should be informed as towhat requirescare after a kidney transplantation. Patients that have beentransplanted with a new kidney due to kidney failure should be careful about certain matters in order to better protect the new kidneys.

The transplant patient should absolutely measure their temperature in the morning and the evening. Thus, they need to keep a thermometer at home. In order to measure their temperature, it is enough to hold the thermometer under the patient’s tongue for 4 to 5 minutes. In the case of body temperature higher than 37.5, this should certainly be reported to the doctor.

Transplant patients with hypertension should absolutely measure their blood pressure in the morning and the evening, recording their measurements into a chart, which they should present to their doctors every time they visit for a follow-up examination.

Particularly during the first few weeks after surgery, daily urine output and weight shouldcertainly be monitored. How to make these measurements is shown to the patients during their stay at the hospital by their doctors and health officers.

In order to avoid an infection, they should stay away from closed spaces such as movie theatres and theatres, and they should sleep in a different room and wear a mask if a family member catches a cold or has the flu.

Strenuous exercise should be avoided, particularly during the first few months.

In summary, what are the matters that require care after a kidney transplantation?

Temperature should be measured in the morning and evening

Patients with hypertension should frequently measure their blood pressure

Patient should protect themselves from infections

Strenuous exercise should be avoided in the early period